Bringing equity to ignite Arts & STEM.


Ashe Arts & STEM believes that the nation has the untapped potential to increase the number of people of color not only in Arts & STEM fields of study but the representation in their respective professions. We can make a difference by coming together and taking action. Participate in the following programs and initiatives:



The Ashe Academy Mentorship Program fosters a relationship of sharing ideas and perspectives while guiding students as they gain experience and build their professional network. Mentors and Students are paired based on the respective industry pursued (ARTS or STEM), interests, and geographic region. Mentors and students build meaningful relationships that can lead to the student becoming part of the mentor’s community while expanding the student’s circle of academic and professional support. Mentors are screened, trained and evaluated with expectation excellence. If you’re a distinguished member of your industry looking to give back to the next generation, learn more about becoming a Mentor today!


Ashe Arts & STEM Scholarship Program is a merit and need-based scholarship awarded to graduating BIPOC high school seniors pursuing post-secondary education programs in the ARTS or STEM. Students are acknowledged for their demonstrated ability to make a significant impact on their community, desire to learn and coachability. Starting in 2021 scholars will be apply each year to receive a scholarship award. Learn more here.


Learn more about how you can join our initiatives through partnerships. Contact us today to get the conversation started!

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