The Ashe Academy's Inspire. Uplift. Engage. Podcast Episode 11 Biracial/Mixed Pt 1

episode 11: biracial/mixed pt 1

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does everyone consider themself a person of color?

biracial/mixed pt 1

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About the Panelists

Our Biracial/Mixed (Part 1) panel discussion featured  Jess Johnson a Content-creator and Marketing Specialist, Samson Bailey Program Manager in Sales and Adoption for Google for Education. Geneva “Genae” Tripp, Regulatory Specialist at a Medical Device Company and Fitness Instructor. Dr. Joelina Machera, a veteran K-12 teacher and administrator, who works as a consultant. And back for another episode is Zach Elyshevitz, Harlem elementary school music teacher, who’s getting his Master’s in Special Education. We explored identity through the lens of the proximity to whiteness, in other words, each guest has a white parent.

Hosted by Samuel J. Ashe II, MBA



Jess Johnson


Samson Bailey


Geneva Tripp


Dr. Joelina Machera

Dr. Joelina Machera


Zach Elyshevitz 

Zach Elyshevitz