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episode 18: Saved By The Arts featuring Phabian Mitchell

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especially now, life is hard. life is complex. we don’t really understand it, and we can’t really expect people to really understand our journeys. we can talk to them all day everyday about it until we’re blue in the face what we’re feeling or what we’re going through. But the most important thing is, if nobody  understands your walk ,your journey , your soul ,your  heart, your mind , if you understand what you’re doing and you’re content with it, that is what matters most.

Phabian Mitchell

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About Phabian Mitchell

Born and raised on the dirt roads of Dawson, GA, Phabian Mitchell is more than just a Social Media presence. He has written two #1 Amazon Bestseller Novels, been the Lead Scriptwriter, and Voiceover Actor for a highly popular YouTube Parody Show, and even been the Executive Producer for a Vh1 Webshow.

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Phabian Mitchell

Phabian Mitchell