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episode 6: faith & artistry

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the message , I would hope is for everybody, but specifically people who really want to know who they are… I think there’s power in uncertainty but still walking in fear, walking in faith.

Vegaz Taelor

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About Vegaz Taelor

Vegaz Taelor is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and creative director.  Finding inspiration in all art forms from an early age, Vegaz has been influenced by all the great entertainers before his time. Using live instrumentation, dance, and visual art to create a great live experience, all are key elements of what Vegaz does. This lead him to a degree in music business and web graphics. He is also a self-taught video editor. Naturally, Vegaz wears many hats in building his brand. Musically Vegaz has a distinct song that works on a wide variety of genres. Using his church background and love for music to merge genres and create an authentic sound. All of these elements have allowed Vegaz to truly carve out his own path and tell his story through art. With hopes of being one of the first represent his city.






Hosted by Samuel J. Ashe II, MBA



Vegaz Taelor