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Season 2 Episode 11: Cancel Culture & Accountability

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Fans nowadays feel entitled to every aspect of their lives, this celebrity or public figure, that they didn’t have before.

Cancel Culture & Accountability 

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This week we’re addressing a buzzword head-on, “Cancel Culture” and examining the nuances between it and accountability. We were joined by Toni Davis, Holliewood, Jonathan Yang, plus friends of the foundation, Jordana David, Nefertiti Warren, and Melody Gutierrez to discuss this hot topic. Generally, Cancel Culture is brought up in complaint, however, are there some positive aspects to it, and is it actually a necessary evil on the road to accountability this day and age? Are we expecting too much out of public figures? What’s the anatomy of a good apology? You’ll have to check this episode out for the conversation!

Hosted by Samuel J. Ashe II, MBA


The Ashe Academy Toni Davis

Toni Davis

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The Ashe Academy Jonathan Yang

Jonathan Yang


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Jordana David


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Melody Gutierrez