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Season 2 Episode 13: Colorism

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Black is always negative in the way we look at things. From our religious traditions to our anglophone language.


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This week we’re tackling Colorism, a form of racial discrimination based on the shade of an individual’s skin tone, favoring lighter skin. It can occur both within a specific ethnic group and across ethnic groups. Since it permeates multiple communities of color, and globally at that. It shows up in multiple aspects of life, showing up at home, embedding in cultures, and even in work and academic environments. We’re joined by Shawn LaRe’ Brinkley, Jerome Ejan, Augustine Tanner-Ihm, Roatanea Vonei, and friends of the foundation Harmony Oostdyk, Andrew McDonald, and Nevi. A very important discussion that we hope to spark reflection and continued conversations.

Hosted by Samuel J. Ashe II, MBA


The Ashe Academy Shawn Lare Brinkley

Shawn LaRe’ Brinkley

The Ashe Academy Jerome Ejan

Jerome Ejan


The Ashe Academy Augustine Tanner-Ihm

Augustine Tanner-Ihm


The Ashe Academy Roatanea Vonei

Roatanea Vonei


The Ashe Academy Harmony Oostdyk

Harmony Oostdyk


The Ashe Academy Andrew McDonald

Andrew McDonald


The Ashe Academy Nevi