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Season 2 Episode 17: Indigenous People

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We need more educators and we need more people writing our history books… We need to take it back into the hands of the people who really knows the stories.

Indigenous People

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About the Panelists

This week we discuss identity, culture, community, representation, gatekeeping and so much more with Indigenous People. Starting off with a conversation of how everyone self-identifies, this was an insightful and much-needed exchange. This conversation features James Kawainui, Carolina Castoreno-Santana, Nya, and friend of the foundation Buffy Castillo (Founder & CEO of the Pharm).

Hosted by Samuel J. Ashe II, MBA


The Ashe Academy James Kawainui

James Kawainui

The Ashe Academy Carolina Castoreno-Santana

Carolina Castoreno-Santana


The Ashe Academy Nya



The Ashe Academy Buffy Castillo

Buffy Castillo