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Season 2 Episode 3: Loss & Healing

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How much energy should we put into preparing for death?

Loss & Healing

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About the Panelists

This week we’re addressing the losses faced during the pandemic, specifically loved ones, but also personal losses. This powerful discussion features Dr. Trashonda Tudy Mizuno Malbrough, Lupe Tejada Diaz, Friend of the Foundation Ed Garnes, Friend of the Foundation, Keaver Brenai, and our Board VP, Camille Black, MS, AMFT. With the many lives lost globally due to COVID-19, we’re hoping this conversation sparks your journey to get the help you need to deal with mourning losses, grief, and any other support from a qualified mental health professional.

Hosted by Samuel J. Ashe II, MBA


Dr. Trashonda Tudy Mizuno Malbrough

Dr. Trashonda Tudy Mizuno Malbrough

Lupe Tejeda Diaz

Lupe Tejada Diaz


Ed Garnes From Afros to Shelltoes

Ed Garnes


Keaver Brenai

Keaver Brenai


Camille Black, MS AMFT

Camille Black, MS, AMFT