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Season 2 Episode 8: The Ebba

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That’s the rewarding part for me; using it as a consumer and getting the feeling that I want other customers to have.

Andrew McDonald 

Give Lif

About Tema Woods, Andrew McDonald, and Giovanni Iriarte-Young

This week we’re joined by the founders of The Ebba aka The Essential Black Business App, Tema Woods, Andrew McDonald, and Giovanni Iriarte-Young for a special edition “one-on-one” interview where we discuss what lead to the journey of starting this business and why black-owned businesses are not only important to them but the focus of the integrity of the app. We also discuss their inspirations, whom they hope to uplift with their work, and how they stay motivated.

Hosted by Samuel J. Ashe II, MBA


Tema Woods

Tema woods

The Ashe Academy Andrew McDonald

Andrew McDonald

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Giovanni Iriarte-Young