Mental & Physical Health Summit 2021 Press Release

The Ashe Academy is hosting its 2nd Annual Virtual Mental & Physical Health Summit

Getting our health & wellness goals back on track together through new perspectives


Los Angeles, CA (May 12, 2021)  – As we get closer to getting to our new normal, this event is the perfect segue to consider how we’re going to lead our lives and contribute to a healthier lifestyle, a better you, while also giving back, to BIPOC student pursuing the Arts and STEM. 

COVID 19 brought about a lot of changes for people, both mentally, and physically, and enhanced feelings of depression, anxiety, and potentially weight gain for some while allowing others to increase their self-care efforts through virtual therapy, health, and wellness. 

The Ashe Academy will once again be presenting a fun-filled virtual day of games, music, and trivia presented by The Kickback Specialists (@thekickbackspecialistinc), and two panels of speakers on Fitness and Nutrition followed by a Mental Health Awareness panel all as a virtual event via Zoom. 

“This past year was really challenging, our homes became our offices and our gyms, and needless say, some memberships went unused. I certainly lost track of my fitness journey…” says Samuel J. Ashe II, MBA, Executive Director of the Ashe Academy, “…I believe this event will serve as a reset on all of our fitness and nutritional targets. Let’s also not forget that all the pivots we successfully completed in 2020 surely had an impact on our mental health. We’re due for a check-in and guidance in making better choices.” 

The goal of the event is to inspire, uplift, and engage parents and students of color through panels of professionals that look like them. It is important for BIPOC communities to see themselves making a difference in every facet of their lives. The Ashe Academy strives to accomplish this by creating events directly in the communities where representation and access are needed, making it possible for everyone to attend.

Join moderator Camille Black, MS, AMFT, Board VP on Saturday, June 12th, 2021 along with distinguished speakers in the Mental Health field for a thoughtful conversation on Mental Health Awareness in communities of color, where to start when seeking help and self-care options. Also, we will have a Physical Health panel moderated  of fitness, nutrition, and medical professionals ready to share details on staying healthy from the inside out, with ways to get back on track, working through the unknown, and getting creative. 

The virtual event will be held through Zoom from 10 am – 2 pm PST. Come ready to have fun, take notes, and join in on The Ashe Academy Experience. 


Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite for $10 per person, proceeds will go directly towards The Ashe Academy’s 2021 Scholarship Fund. 

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About The Ashe Academy

The Ashe Academy is an organization that works to bridge the gap between representation and access to education for students of color pursuing the ARTS and STEM fields through mentorship, parental engagement, and helping to facilitate the transition from student to professional.

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