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We work to bridge the gap between representation and access to education for students of color pursuing the ARTS and STEM fields through scholarships, mentorship, and parental engagement, helping to facilitate the transition from student to professional.

We can’t do this alone, so we thrive off of our partnerships! Through these meetings of the mind between organizations, we are happy to connect you with our friends of the Ashe Academy who exhibit a special level of synergy because they work in the mentorship space too. From mentorship for students and professionals in the Entertainment industry all the way to opportunities for apprenticeship workshops in the tech space, The Ashe Academy friends have got you covered.

Check out the organizations below, focused on providing guidance to students and professionals in the The Arts & STEM


South Asian Mentee The Ashe Academy Partner Mentees
Mentees The Ashe Academy Partner Mentorship
Astronaught Mentee The Ashe Academy Partner Mentors


Who is your biggest inpiration?


Who do you hope to uplift with your work?


How do you stay engaged with your motivation?

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EIPMA The Ashe Academy Partnership


EIPMA is a national organization of experienced, working professionals offering career guidance for individuals seeking craft and technical careers.

TutorD Scholars Partners

TutorD scholars

TutorD Scholars is a hands-on educational platform, teaching urban youth in- demand 21st-century skills via online and in-person workshops.


A Plus Television

A Plus Television

Streaming Television Network led by Antoinette Ortega aka AO. Focused on bringing entertainment skills to underepresneted communities. 




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